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Meet The Glorious Dracula Parrot That Can Only Be Found In New Guinea

Meet The Glorious Dracula Parrot That Can Only Be Found In New Guinea

Pesquet’s parrot, also known as the Dracula Parrot or vulturine parrot. Don’t get confused with the name of the bird, this bird doesn’t drink the blood of the other animals. They feed on figs.

Dracula parrot found in foothills of new guinea

Pesquet’s parrot found only in the dense forests in the foothills of New Guinea.

Rare species of Glorious Dracula Parrot or Pesquet parrot

This glorious parrot looks outstanding with its colored feathers, dusty grey chest, back, and tail. The parrot is a heavy sized bird, around ½ meter from beak to tail, and a kilogram in weight.  The difference between male and female Dracula parrot is males have red patches behind there ear. 

Glorious Dracula Parrot or Pesquet parrot

They have featherless faces. These rare species of Parrots targeted by the local poacher, due to which they remain very few in numbers.

Mainly, they are hunted for there feathers, which used to create ceremonial dresses. Dracula listed in the vulnerable list by the IUCN Red List of threatened species.

Rare species of Glorious Dracula Parrot or Pesquet parrot are vulnerable list of IUCN Red list

Just as Vulture misplaced the feathers on their head as a variation for feeding on bloody carcasses, it’s a concept that the Dracula parrot did the same in response to its food plan of sticky culmination – the lack of feathers around its beak and eyes imply it’s able to keep away from turning its face right into a matted mess. 

It’s this type of best method to the parrot’s syrupy weight loss program that Matt Cameron, an Australian parrot expert, asks, “if avoiding dirty and matted head feathers is a sizable gain to people, It’s far surprising that bald-headedness isn’t always greater enormous some of the other fruit-consuming parrots.”

Pesquet parrot only member of Psittrichasinae subfamily of Parrots

The Pesquet’s parrot is the only member of the Psittrichasinae subfamily of Parrots. You can have an idea of how unique is Pesquet’s parrot.

famous species dracula parrots is family of grey parrot

Psittacidae parrot is divided into three families. The Psittacine family of African parrot has 11 known species. The most famous species of the family is a grey parrot.

Dracula parrots seem social and are generally noticed in pairs or on occasion large businesses of up to 20.

Glorious Dracula Parrot That Can Only Be Found In New Guinea

While in flight, Pesquet’s parrots trade between swiftly flapping their wings and taking part in quick glides. Not like other parrots, these birds don’t climb branches to move around in timber. Rather, they leap from branch to department.

Glorious Dracula Parrot dark unique wings and part in quick glides

They may be known to give out haunting calls which have been described as harsh, raspy, and growling, and that they can be heard from quite long distances.

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