INCREDIBLE transformations of dogs BEFORE and AFTER the shelter!

INCREDIBLE transformations of dogs BEFORE and AFTER the shelter! 1

Even a homeless person on the street accounted for much easier than losing animal shelter. Man can turn for help change your life and settle on work well and what to do to the homeless defenseless animal which thrown out of the house to the mercy of fate.

Story of Treasure

sad dog Treasure

Hello and now I want you looked at those animals which people like you; helped. This little white baby named Treasure, only two years when she was found. The poor guy’s fur was so tangled that animal was not able to walk but take a look now dog just don’t recognize that’s what life was on the heap of garbage.

Unhappy Cedar Now look natural

Unhappy Cedar Now look natural

This handsome man has passed 3 months after salvation and here it is the result. It is not dog about a clump of seaweed with eyes to happily the dog sheltered Quebec society protection of animals. And things he clearly went. The monster from the horror movie is not surprising. Because babies had to cut about a kilogram of felted wool is not so long before dog starvation

There were only a few hours of this handsome name is cedar. Now he’s happy and completely satisfied with my life. Wool and Alan falling on his face, almost nothing saw. It is not surprising that the shelter workers. They first thought she already five years old. But actually she was just a year old little boo found on drenched and awful.

Frightened now the baby is warm and comfortable German Shepherd dwelling view and served as a dump city Los Angeles emaciated dog while spotted volunteers. Now her life is nothing threatens and was lost his eye because of creepy the dog’s infection. Cedar would have died and could not fight the disease but help is plentiful Dobrokhotov gave him a new life. External shelter workers the look of this ball of wool gave him a name.

Shrek A 6-Year-Old Malti-Poo Dog

 Shrek A 6-Year-Old Malti-Poo Dog

what was their surprise when under the cutest doggie of the breed turned out to be mud. Malta his mistress died and the poor animal left alone in an indifferent world woody blind in one eye basement seekers cleaned out and fed.

Now the doggie has a new family in front of your candy dog who already said goodbye to his life. But before his death, he was picked up good people and breathed new bright flower life. The poor fellow was simply abandoned as many of his brothers in misfortune soon the baby will have a new home.

If the griffin was not found a family. He would have to put to sleep well. That literally a couple of days before the tragic events of the dog picked up by a good and the person in charge. Now griffin happy and weighs twice as much even salvation didn’t bring the happiness. She is all-day she lay hugging her plush toy. She was not sad. I understood why for the immense love for to people they took and threw her out into the street.

Friends, please be kind and not remain indifferent to our brothers, thanks.

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