Los Angeles Will Build the Largest Wildlife Crossing in the World across 10-lane freeway

largest wildlife bridge

This wildlife crossing will enable Los Angeles native wildlife to roam freely in different parts of the Santa Monica Mountain chain. It’s necessary because animals are at high risk of becoming roadkill while searching for food and potential mates.

The bridge is almost 200 feet long and stretching across 10 lanes of the highway traffic. Enginers are working hard to open this freeway in the next two years by 2023. This bridge is special because it costs $87 million and 80% of it comes from private sources. After completion, it will be the world’s largest wildlife corridor extent over US Highway 101 to the north-west of Los Angeles.

It will be a safe passage for wild animals like snakes, lions, deer, tiger and other wild creatures. This road will save many other animals including mountain lion p-22 who live a solitary life in little surroundings. Previously many of these lions gave there life while crossing via freeways.

A promotional video for the project made by the National Wildlife Federation.


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