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Save Fur Animals

save fur animal

Everyone wants to look good. So, we choose designer clothes. But sometimes our style statement became cruel for other animals. One such example is the fur industry. Once wearing designer fur was a fashion statement nobody want to miss. But due to this trend each year more than 50 million animal surfer and die.

Wild animals are not victims of this industry. The Fur collected from wild animals is known as wild fur. 85% of the fur we see in the market has come from fur farms. Fur farms are hell for animals. In addition, those farms animals are kept in tiny cages and also deprived of the ability to perform any natural behaviors. After that, different hormonal and chemicals injected to maximize profit and grow fur animals faster. Most of them are killed around 6 months old. Females might be kept longer.

On fur farms, after months of suffering animals killed inhuman ways even skinning animals alive is not uncommon. Some animals even left exposed in the cold to encourage the thickest coats possible. Above all for one coat, more than 100 squirrels had to die.

As an aware consumer and responsible human being, you can help to end this cruel practice. We just need to refuse to use the products made with fur. Thanks.


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