Top 45 Amazing Facts About Animals

Top 45 Amazing Facts About Animals 1

From the beginning of human civilization, humans, and animals living together on this beautiful earth. Together with each other help, we are able to sustain and grow. Here are 50 amazing facts about animals which will definitely amaze you.

Why we bond with animals so fast and like them so much?

California Institute of Technology and the University of California at Los Angeles perform combined research to understand the relation between humans and animals.

They found out the answer lies in a fundamental part of the human brain Amygdala. It controls everything related to emotions to the formation of memories. Scientists claims for living such time with animals as friends. Our brain created core memories in the amygdala. Above all, this could be the same way on both sides.

So, we thought it would be a great idea to compile a list of unbelievable animal facts that are actually true.

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#1 Beavers teeth are made of iron

unbelievable facts about beavers

Beavers have orange teeth because they are made of iron instead of magnesium like other rodents. Besides causing the orange coloring, the iron makes beavers’ teeth stronger against mechanical stress and makes them more resistant to acid.

#2 Spiders don’t have muscles in legs

spider facts for kids

Spiders don’t have muscles in their legs. They extend them using a system of hydraulics powered by their blood pressure. When they die, spiders’ legs curled up because the blood pressure is gone.

#3 Revenge of a poacher

facts about indian tiger

In 1997, a poacher wounded a tiger and stole part of its kill. The tiger found the poacher’s cabin, destroyed his belongings, waited at least half a day for him to return, then killed and ate him.

#4 Do you know dogs have a musical taste

interesting facts about dogs

Dogs have musical tastes. The Scottish SPCA and University of Glasgow monitored dogs’ heart rates while playing different kinds of music and found that most dogs “prefer reggae and soft rock: though each individual dog also had its own preferences.

#5 Drunken Bird

australian bird blue head

An Australian bird called the rainbow lorikeet routinely gets drunk by drinking fermented flower nectar. When intoxicated, these birds make loud drunken noises which many people find bothersome.

#6 Fun facts about spiders

amazing facts about the animals

Some spiders disguise themselves as ants by pretending their two front legs are antennae. More than 300 species of spiders are known to mimic the outward appearance of ants, a phenomenon called myrmecomorphy.

#7 Poisonous frogs get poison from their diet

interesting facts about frog

When poisonous frogs are fed zoo diets, they stop being poisonous. The wide variety of food in the wild supplies them with the chemicals for making poison.

#8 Great white shark interesting fact

great white shark biggest

An orca killed a great white shark near California’s Farallon Islands in 2000. The smell of the dead shark’s carcass caused all nearby great whites to vanish. A great white with a satellite tag in the area was seen to immediately dive to a depth of 500 meters and then swim to Hawaii.

#9 Super rare black Indonesia chicken

rare breed of black chicken

There’s a rare breed of chicken from Indonesia that’s completely black-not only its feathers and skin but also its muscles, bones and all its internal organs.

#10 Jellyfish cause a power surge in the Philippines

interesting facts about jellyfish

In 1999, 40 million people suddenly lost power in the Philippines, igniting fears of a possible military coup. But it turned out that outage was caused when the cooling pipes of a power plant sucked up 50 dump trucks worth of jellyfish.

#11 Help turtles to cross roads safely

weird animal facts reddit

A university student was trying to research ways to help turtles cross roads safely, so he placed a fake turtle in a road to observe driver behavior. Disturbingly, he found that six percent of people deliberately went out of their way to hit the turtle.

#12 Last Sumatran rhino has died

last sumatran rhino dies

Malaysia’s last Sumatran rhino has died, making the species extinct in the country.

#13 Bats have a language

bats facts for kids

Bats have have a language. Most animal species just make broad communication sounds, while bats can have discussion one-on-one. Bats and humans only can address individuals while communicating.

#14 The valley of the whales.

the valley of the whales

Whale fossil found in Egyptian desert! the valley of the whales.

#15 Species of Salamander is entirely female

tiger salamander fun facts

Do you know there is a animal species of entirely female. There is a lizard like amphibian, salamander that is entirely female. They reproduce by stealing genetic material from males of other species and cherry-picking what genes they expire to their daughters.

#16 Chipmunks see the world in slow motion

Chipmunks see the world in slow motion

Chipmunks and other small rodents have faster reaction times because they process light faster. Basically, they see the world in slow motion.

#17 Rhino’s horn is not a real horn

Rhino's horn is not a real horn

A rhino horn isn’t really a horn. It’s a tuft of hair that grows tightly packed and is held together by a glue-like secretion from the rhino’s nose.

#18 Ants are self-aware

science experiment shows Ants are self aware

Ants are self-aware. in an experiment, researchers painted blue dots onto 24 ants and presented them with a mirror. twenty-three of the ants tried scratching the dot, indicating that they could see the dots on themselves.

#19 Platypus venom causes excruciating pain

Top 45 Amazing Facts About Animals 2

Platypus venom causes excruciating pain that can last for months on end, which cannot be relieved with conventional painkillers. Not even morphine works against it. The venom causes victims to become nauseated, suffer from cold sweats, and can even cause muscles to waste away.

#20 Marine Mammal Studies Institute train dolphins to collect trash

Marine Mammal Studies Institute train dolphins to collect trash

At a Marine Mammal Studies Institute, dolphins were trained to turn in trash that fell into the pools in exchange for fish. One dolphin was smart enough to hide pieces of paper under a rock, tearing off smaller pieces from the paper in order to get more fish out of it.

#21 Reindeer eyes change color

Reindeer eyes change color

A reindeer’s eyes change color through the seasons. They’re gold during the summer and blue in the winter. The color change helps the reindeer to see better during the long dark winters in the arctic.

#22 The loneliest whale in the world

loneliest whale in the world

There is a whale known as the loneliest whale in the world because it can’t communicate in the same frequency as other whales, so other whales cannot find it.

#23 Drunken pig

Top 45 Amazing Facts About Animals 3

A Pig in Australia stole 18 beers from a campsite, got drunk, and then tried to fight a cow.

#24 Interesting facts about Lobsters

Top 45 Amazing Facts About Animals 4

Lobsters pee out of their faces. their bladders are located in their heads and they urinate through nozzles under their antennae. when fighting another lobster, they’ll pee in the face of their opponent.

#25 Spiders use earth electric field called Ballooning

spiders use earth electric field called Ballooning

Spiders can use Earth’s electric field to fly. In a behavior called “ballooning;’ spiders extrude a strand of silk into the air that picks up a negative charge and repels the ground, sending them flying. Spiders have been found 2.5 miles up in the air, and 1,000 miles out in the sea.

#26 The Elephant Whisperer

Top 45 Amazing Facts About Animals 5

When Lawrence Anthony, known as “The Elephant Whisperer,” passed away, a herd of elephants arrived at his house in South Africa to mourn him. Although the elephants were not alerted to the event, they traveled to his house and stood around for two days, and then disappeared.

#27 Ancient species of Horseshoe crabs

Top 45 Amazing Facts About Animals 6

Horseshoe crabs have been around for 450 million years, and they have blue blood.

#28 Dogs have a form of autism

Top 45 Amazing Facts About Animals 7

Some experts say that dogs can have a form of autism. It’s called “Canine Dysfunctional Behavior,” and it causes dogs to display similar symptoms to autistic humans like difficulties with social interaction and expressing emotions.

#29 Dragonflies are most successful hunters on Earth

Dragonflies are most successful hunters on Earth

Dragonflies are the most successful hunters on Earth, catching 95% of their prey.

#30 Dragonflies are most successful hunters on Earth

komodo dragon Chain mail armor

By the time Komodo dragons reach adulthood, they have a suit of armor made of tiny bones just beneath their scales. These bones cover the dragons from head to tail, creating a “chain mail” that protects them from attacks by other Komodo dragons.

#31 Ants have designated paramedics

Ants have designated paramedics for wounded soldier

Ants have designated paramedics that are assigned to rescue their wounded soldiers, carry them back to their nest, and help them heal by gently holding the hurt limb in place with their mandibles and front legs while intensely “licking” the wound for up to 4 minutes.

#32 Creme Puff was the oldest cat

Creme Puff was the oldest cat

Creme Puff was the oldest cat ever recorded. She lived for 38 years and 3 days (1967-2005). She had an unusual diet of, among other things, bacon and eggs, asparagus, broccoli, and coffee with heavy cream.

#33 Jaguars love to get high

Jaguars love to get high

In South America, jaguars seek out the roots of caapi plant and gnaw on them until they start to hallucinate. Jaguars love to get high, and it is widespread and observable in the South American forests.

#34 Heaven of poisonous snakes

Heaven of poisonous snakes

Australia is home to 21 out of the world’s 25 most venomous snakes.

#35 Dogs can get Jealous

Dogs can get Jealous

In a study by scholars at the University of California, it was found that dogs can get jealous if they see their humans displaying affection toward something or someone else.

#36 Cat call the ambulance and save life of the owner

Top 45 Amazing Facts About Animals 8

A stroke suffering cat owner tried to teach his cat to press a 911 speed dial. Unsure whether the training stuck, the owner later fell from his wheel chair during a seizure. Police received a silent 911 call from the house and arrived to find the man incapacitated and the cat by the phone.

#37 Cats kill billions of animals every year

Even though they're cute, cats kill billions of animals every year

Even though they’re cute, cats kill billions of animals every year and are considered one of the top threats to wildlife. They Are blamed for causing the global extinction of at least 33 species.

#38 Meet Seattle the celebrity dog

Top 45 Amazing Facts About Animals 9

Meet Seattle’s celebrity dog, Eclipse, who takes a bus to her favorite park all by herself. “All the bus drivers know her. She has a bus pass attached to her collar and sits just like a person does.”

#39 Tigers vs Lion

Top 45 Amazing Facts About Animals 10

In a fight between a lion and a tiger, the tiger is heavily favored. In 2001, a tiger once killed a lion with a single paw swipe at a zoo in Turkey.

#40 Rats care for other rats

interesting facts about Rats

Rats who were trained to press a lever for food stopped pressing the lever once they saw that it also caused another rat to receive an electric shock.

#41 Tasmanian Devil mating season

Tasmanian Devil mating season

In the Tasmanian Devil mating season, the male has to Neat the female into submission if he wants to mate. If the male is too weak, the female proceeds to up the male.

#42 Facts about Griffon vulture

Facts about Griffon vulture

Employees at the Amsterdam zoo found an abandoned griffon vulture egg that none of the other vultures would adopt, so they placed it with a gay couple that had been nesting, bonding, and mating for years. The two males immediately took turns lying on the egg, cared for it until it hatches, and are now a happy family of three.

#43 Facts about Moose

Facts about Moose

If you feed a moose, it may become aggressive and attack the next human it meets if it has no food to offer.

#44 Interesting Facts about Pet Dogs

Interesting Facts about Pet Dogs

MRI scans of dogs’ brains show that they see their owners as a family and prioritize the smell of humans over anything else.

#45 Siamese cats have temperature-sensitive fur

Siamese cats have temperature-sensitive fur

Siamese cats get their color points due to a temperature-sensitive gene. The colder the body part the darker the fur will become in that area.

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