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What happened to her legs? Optical illusion pic of the little girl

Optical illusion leg young girl

Optical illusions always find there a way to amaze everyone. Although at first, they make no sense, when you are able to found out what’s going on it’s exciting.

A creative picture of a little girl was able to do the same. It was able to keep people puzzled and worried, at least in the first instance.

Take a chance, look closely at the image. Did you able to figure out what’s wrong with this?

No, let me help! At first glance, it looks like a photo of a young girl standing in the middle of the ground. But she has terribly skinny legs which look unnatural.

Explained Optical illusion leg young girl

However, after you look closely, the young girl is really carrying a popcorn packet in her hand. That seems, to be of a similar color just like the grass patch, which causes the optical illusion.

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