11 Science and Tech Museums You Can Tour Virtually

11 Science and Tech Museums You Can Tour Virtually

At this time of global pandemic coronavirus somewhere, life has got a sudden break. Everyone around the world stuck at home, some lost their job, some there lives. With each passing day, the number of people suffering from coronavirus is increasing.

But the mist of all this chaos there’s excellent news for the people who have a great intrigue for art and culture and love to travel and visit new places, but due to global pandemic, they are stuck in their homes.

Now you can visit the Museum without leaving your couch.

Here are some of Google’s top museums that are providing free online tours and exhibits. Which will be not only entertaining but help you to gain knowledge as well.

#1 The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

The Smithsonian Institution administers this Museum, this is a Natural History Museum situated in Washington, D.C United States. This Museum is the most visited natural history museum in the world.

How to visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History virtually?

You can visit Smithsonian National Museum using there official website.

#2 NASA’s Langley Research Center

Near the beautiful city of Hampton, Virginia, United States, you can find the Langley Research Center. This research center is one of the oldest research centers of NASA.
This research center mainly focused on aeronautical researches.

How to visit NASA’s Langley Research Center virtually?

You can access the virtual tours using there app. To download there app click here.

#3 National Museum of United Nation Air Forces

The National Museum of the U. S. Air Forces galleries gift navy aviation records, boasting more than 360 aerospace motors and missiles on the show — many rare and one-of-a-type — at the side of lots of historical objects and powerful sensory reveals that bring history to lifestyles and join the wright brothers legacy with cutting-edge stealth and precision technology.

How to visit the National Museum of United Nations Air Forces virtually?

You can visit this museum online here.

#4 History of Science Museum Oxford University

The History of Science Museum, also known as the Old Ashmolean Building, is situated in Broad Street, Oxford, England. It contains a massive collection of scientific instruments ranging from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.

How to visit the History of Science Museum Oxford University virtually?

You can visit online Museum Oxford University from here.

#5 Museo Galileo

Museo Galileo an Institute and Museum of History and science which is situated in Florence, Italy. The Museum is built for and dedicated to the astronomer and scientist Galileo Galilei.

How to visit Museo Galileo virtually?

You can watch Museo Galileo virtual exhibitions online here.

#6 National Museum of Computing

National Museum of Computing contains the world’s largest collection of the historic computer system. It is situated in the United Kingdom.

How to visit National Museum of Computing virtually?

The museum currently closed due to pandemic but you can take a virtual tour of the museum.

#7 Museum of Science in Boston

The Museum of Science in Boston is unusual from our traditional definition of a museum. This Museum is known for making digital exhibits, videos, and audio presentations.

How to visit Museum of Science in Boston virtually?

You can visit Museum of Science in Boston using there official website.

#8 Natural History Museum in London

There are three major natural museums in South Kensington. After the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, this is one of the major museums. The Museum is widely known for the vast range of specimens.

How to visit Natural History Museum in London virtually?

Although Dippy the Diplodocus is no longer live in the museum. You can watch it online from here.

#9 Belgium Museum of Natural Science

The Museum of Natural Science is located in Brussels, Belgium. The Museum is a part of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science. It is famous for 30 fossilized Iguanodon skeletons.

How to visit Belgium Museum of Natural Science virtually?

Belgium museum tour was partially created with the help of Google’s cultural institute. You can visit the tour here.

#10 The German Oceanographic Museum

This Museum is also known as the Museum of Fisheries, Aquarium. It is situated in the Hanseatic town of Stralsund. It is the most visited Museum of North Germany. In this Museum, maritime and Oceanographic exhibition are showed.

How to visit German Oceanographic Museum virtually?

The museum virtually is available in Google’s Art and Culture.

#11 Museum of Mines of Mercury

This Museum is known as the Geology of Mount Amiata. It is situated in Santa Fiora, Italy. This Museum consists of the history of mines and the sacrifice of miners.

How to visit Museum of Mines of Mercury virtually?

The Museum exhibits is available virtually online here.

#12 Bonus: 73 more Virtual Museum tours around the world you can visit online (Art, History, Science, and Technology)

  1. National Museum New Delhi (New Delhi, India)
  2. U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (Washington, D.C.)
  3. Terra Cotta Warriors of Xi’an at Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum (Xi’an, China)
  4. National Women’s History Museum (Alexandria, Virginia)
  5. National Museum of Scotland (Edinburg, Scotland)
  6. National Museum of American History (Washington, D.C.)
  7. National Museum of African American History and Culture (Washington, D.C.)
  8. Albertina (Vienna, Austria)
  9. Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois)
  10. Benaki Museum (Athens, Greece)
  11. The Broad (Los Angeles, California)
  12. Centre Georges-Pompidou (Paris, France)
  13. The Dalí Theatre-Museum (Figueres, Spain)
  14. Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan)
  15. Frick Collection (New York City, New York)
  16. Galleria dell’Academia (Florence, Italy)
  17. Georgia O’Keeffe Museum (Sante Fe, New Mexico)
  18. Grand Palais (Paris, France)
  19. High Museum of Art (Atlanta, Georgia)
  20. Hermitage Museum (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
  21. The J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles, California)
  22. Kunsthaus Zürich (Zürich, Switzerland)
  23. La Galleria Nazionale (Rome, Italy)
  24. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) (Los Angeles, California)
  25. Mauritshuis (The Hague, Netherlands)
  26. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City, New York)
  27. Musée du Louvre (Paris, France)
  28. Musée d’Orsay (Paris, France)
  29. Museo Nacional del Prado (Madrid, Spain)
  30. Museo Frida Kahlo (Mexico City, Mexico)
  31. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid, Spain)
  32. Museu de Arte de São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil)
  33. Museum of Broken Relationships (Los Angeles, California and Zagreb, Croatia)
  34. Museum of Fine Arts – Boston (Boston, Massachusetts)
  35. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (Houston, Texas)
  36. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) (New York City, New York)
  37. National Gallery (London, England)
  38. National Gallery of Art (Washington, D.C.)
  39. National Gallery of Victoria (Victoria, Melbourne, Australia)
  40. National Museum of China (Beijing, China)
  41. National Museum of Korea (Seoul, South Korea)
  42. National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Seoul, South Korea)
  43. National Palace Museum (Taipei, Taiwan)
  44. National Portrait Gallery (Washington, D.C.)
  45. Pergamon Museum (Berlin, Germany)
  46. Picasso Museum (Barcelona, Spain)
  47. Rijks Museum (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  48. San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art (San Francisco, California)
  49. Sistine Chapel at the Vatican Museums (Vatican City)
  50. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (New York City, New York)
  51. Tate Modern (London, England)
  52. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum (Madrid, Spain)
  53. Tokyo National Museum (Tokyo, Japan)
  54. Uffizi Gallery (Florence, Italy)
  55. Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  56. Victoria and Albert Museum (London, England)
  57. American Museum of Natural History (New York City, New York)
  58. The British Museum (London, England)
  59. National Museum of Anthropology (Mexico City, Mexico)
  60. National Museum of Natural History (Washington, D.C.)
  61. Natural History Museum (London, England)
  62. London Science Museum (London, England)
  63. Museo Galileo (Florence, Italy)
  64. The Museum of Flight (Seattle, Washington)
  65. The Museum of Natural Sciences of Belgium (Brussels, Belgium)
  66. Museum of Science, Boston (Boston, Massachusetts)
  67. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (Washington, D.C.)
  68. National Air and Space Museum (Washington, D.C.)
  69. National Museum of the United States Air Force (Riverside, Ohio)
  70. Acropolis Museum (Athens, Greece)
  71. American Battlefield Trust Virtual Battlefield Tours
  72. Anne Frank House (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  73. Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum (Hyde Park, New York)
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