9 Magic Tricks You Can Do at Home and Science Behind It

9 Magic Tricks You Can Do at Home and Science Behind It

Magic is a perfect way to get people’s attention, but you all should always remember that behind most of the magic tricks there are some simple scientific facts. Science always amazes us, doesn’t it? It has answers to all our curiosities and queries.

If we go back into the history of time then we will realize that all the myths and the magic around us were nothing but examples of the perfect brilliance of science and it still continues to be so. Many times you would have been tricked by some really easy science experiments. So here in this article, we would talk about some fascinating science tricks using which you can amaze everyone.

Being a kid surrounded by a hell lot of people in school, showing certain magic tricks sounds cool. Doesn’t it? Well, it’s the basic understanding of certain scientific facts that might make you the next kid performing these easy magic tricks in school. Some of them are:

#1 Science behind Smoking Fingers magic trick

#1 Science behind Smoking Fingers magic trick

smoking figure Stunning Science Magic Tricks

For this magic trick, all you need to do is rub your fingers together. They will glow in the dark and will start to smoke. The smoke is actually due to the vaporized white phosphorous. The key materials for this trick are matches, a matchbox with a striker, a metal surface, and a way to make the surface cold.

Red phosphorous is used in the striker of matchboxes when burnt vaporizes and condenses on a cool metal surface. This is white phosphorous. Rubbing of fingers provides enough heat from friction to vaporize the phosphorous into what appears like smoke. The basic scientific principle behind this is that phosphorous reacts readily with oxygen to release energy in the form of light. This is the reason that it glows in the dark.

#2 How to do Smoking Fingers Trick?

#3 Bending Water with a comb

This is what helps us explain the phenomenon of static electricity, a simple concept of science. When two objects are rubbed against each other there is some gain and loss of electrons such that the object becomes charged.

Bending-Water-nylon-comb-inflated latex ballon

For this trick you require a Nylon comb rubbed against an inflated latex balloon. Now when the comb is moved close to the water, the stream will begin to bend towards the comb. The opposite charges attract each other is what actually we are able to see from this.

#4 Change the color of a solution

If you possess a proper knowledge of chemicals then you can easily track your friends with instant color changes of chemicals. In this chemistry demonstration, a blue solution gradually becomes clear. However, when the flask is swirled around, the solution becomes blue again.

glucose color blue to cleard Chemistry Lab Wonders

For blue colour glucose and sodium hydroxide are mixed in equal amounts in water with a drop of methylene blue. The resulting solution gradually becomes colourless as glucose is oxidised by the dissolved oxygen. The blue colour is though restored by swirling or shaking the contents of the flask. Similarly, with the understanding of chemicals, you can change the colour from red to colourless or from green to red/yellow.

#5 Disappearing Water Trick – Science or Magic?

The disappearing water trick is a brilliant example of a science trick. For this trick, we use a compound known as sodium polyacrylate, which has a property to hold or soak up to 300 times of its own mass of water. Therefore, to perform the trick you need a glass of water with a tablespoon of sodium polyacrylate.

When the water is poured into the cup containing the compound, the polymer sometimes absorbs all the water. The cup then can be flipped over showing that the water has disappeared.

Fire is one of the most dangerous things to play with. It is the small effect of science that fire can also be used to amaze people with magic tricks. These “tricks” also work as wonderful science demonstrations. Fire in hand magic tricks, candle magic tricks, the burning money magic trick can easily be performed if the secret behind them is known.

#6 Scientific Explanation of Burning Money magic trick

The burning money is a neat demonstration of the process which is known as combustion. In this, the money is set on fire and we watch it burn without the note getting damaged. For this, the money is first soaked in the alcohol-water solution, alcohol has high vapor pressure and hence remains only on the outside of the material.

Now when the money is lit what actually burns is alcohol. The temperature at which the alcohol burns is not enough to evaporate water as it has high specific heat capacity. Therefore the money remains wet and while alcohol keeps on burning the bill is not able to catch fire.

#7 Impress Anyone by Holding Fire in Your Bare Hands Magic Trick

holding fire in bare hands Stunning Science Magic Tricks

Holding fire in your hands sounds like a superpower. Doesn’t it? Well, you can do this but there is a trick to it. Fire is nothing but a combination of light and heated gases from combustion. There are certain substances that burn with a cool flame and will not burn you.

For this you need 100% cotton fabric with a needle, a ball is then made out of the following things. The ball is then soaked in naphtha or kerosene. You can also use isopropyl alcohol but it burns a little hotter. Once the ball is set to fire you can keep the fireball on your palm with the help of tongs and allow it to settle on your hand. Once you gain the confidence you can pick the fireball with your fingers.

#8 Light a candle with smoke

You all know that you can light one candle from another. However, lighting it from a distance sounds like a trick. In this trick, you first blow a candle and relight it by using another flame such that it travels through the path of the smoke. The basic principle of the trick is based on how actually the candle works.

When you light a candle, the heat from the flame vaporizes the candle wax. When you blow the candle out, vaporized wax briefly remains in the air. Now, if you quickly enough apply another heat source the wax can be ignited and in turn, this reaction can be used to relight the wick of the candle. Although it looks like you’re lighting the candle with smoke, it’s really just the wax vapor that ignites.

#9 Science behind Levitation magic trick

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to defy the laws of gravityLevitation is one such trick where something appears to rise without using any physical means. These are visual effects due to which objects mysteriously appear to float in mid-air. There are many ways you can use to levitate the object. However, the one which includes science is the use of static electricity.

For this trick, you require two straws that are wrapped in paper. Tear the wrapper towards one end of the straw but don’t remove the wrapper. The longer part of the wrapper helps in creating friction while the smaller part prevents us from touching the plastic straw.

Then hold the straw wrappers between your teeth and move the longer part of the wrappers up and down to build a charge. This way both the straws are now holding a static charge. Now, when you hold the straws in your hands the charge is transferred from the straw into your hands.

In such a state when you will move your fingers away from one another the rupee note will levitate in the air. The rupee note levitates because of the transfer of static electricity taking place between your hands. However, it will only last for a few seconds before the charge dissipates.

Now it’s your chance, write a comment to tell us which trick you like most.

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