Grandmother, Age 95, Becomes Oldest Woman in Italy to Recover From Coronavirus

Wherever there’s life, there’s hope.. A 95-year old Italian grandmother has become the oldest known woman in the country to recover from coronavirus.

The whole world is fighting with COVID 19. In this challenging situation, we have seen an impressive example of when there is life; there is hope. Alma Clara Corsini, a 95 years old Italian woman, suffering from COVID 19, became the oldest women in Italy to recover from coronavirus.

Similarly, in February, a 100 years old Chinese man became the oldest man in the world to recover from this ruthless novel virus.

Italy severely affected by the coronavirus. Although, doctors are doing there best to fight against this global threat. Alma was among the other 60,000 people who are tested positive as of Sunday.

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On March 5, she was first admitted to the Pavullo Hospital in Modena. After her arrival, because of the tremendous hard work of the specialist and doctors, she became the first person in Modena to recover from this novel virus.

Earlier in the week, she confirmed:

“Yes, yes, I’m fine … They were good people who looked after me well.”

After the quartine, the period over Corsini has been discharged from the hospital. Then she went back to her home in Fanano.

Even after fully lock down everything in Italy. In just over the weekend, more than 1,400 people died in the coronavirus. Every day on average over 6,500 Italians test positive for Covid-19. Among these the average age of those dying standing at 78.5 years.

“In Italy, a 95-year-old granny is the first patient to be cured of coronavirus. Alma Clara Corsini has won this battle for her life to give us hope.”

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