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Edible Water Balloon Could Replace Plastic Bottles

Edible Water Balloon Could Replace Plastic Bottles

Millions of plastic bottles are offered around the arena each minute and the number will jump some other 20% by way of 2021, creating an environmental crisis a few campaigners expect can be as severe as climate exchange.

New figures obtained through the mum or dad screen the surge in the utilization of plastic bottles, greater than half of the trillion to be sold yearly by way of the give up of the decade.

The demand, equivalent to about 20,000 bottles being bought every second, is pushed by way of a reputedly insatiable preference for bottled water and the spread of a western, urbanized “on the pass” lifestyle to China and the Asia pacific location.

hundreds of waste plastic bottles affecting the environment

More than 480 billion plastic consuming bottles had been offered in 2016 across the world, up from approximately 300 billion a decade ago. If located give up to quit, they would increase extra than midway to the solar. Through 2021 this can boom to 583.3 billion.

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Maximum plastic bottles used for tender beverages and water are crafted from polyethylene terephthalate (pet), that’s particularly recyclable. But as their use soars across the globe, efforts to collect and recycle the bottles to hold them from polluting the oceans, are failing to hold up.

To decrease the problem of increasing pollution from plastic bottles, a London based start-up Skipping Rock Lab has created a bubble-like edible water bottle, named Ooho, they made this to provide sustainable packaging alternative to plastic bottles and cups.

What is Ooho?

Edible Water Balloon Ooho looks like

Ooho an edible water balloon, replacement of water bottles. Ooho is made up of 100% organic material like plants and seaweed. It is completely biodegradable only in 5-6 weeks.

How Ooho is manufactured?

Skipping Rock Lab manufactured Ooho bubble-like edible water bottle

Ooho is invented by the trip of engineers in 2014. But introduced in the market in 2017. A few times after its launch, the company doubled its target.

Ooho is made by frozen water balls, immersed into an algae mixture, which is made up of sodium alginate extracted from brown algae and calcium chloride that forms a double gelatinous membrane around the ice.

Finally, the ice melts down to water and membrane, which is edible.

How you can use this edible water?

Edible Water Balloon how to use and replace plastic bottles

You consume this edible water in two ways :

  1. You can bite the tasteless membrane and sip it.
  2. You can eat the entire ball.

Ooho is pocket friendly as compared to the plastic bottles water. It also comes in various flavors. Ooho is used for multiple purposes.

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