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How Fast Can Human Brain Process Images

Human Brain Processing Images

Imagine you’re scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed. But can’t see any images, it’s filled with only plain text. How long it will be interesting for you? I can guaranty, Not much! Or what if all science books just have theories without any diagram. Will you able to understand it easily? My point is images are really important in our life from making our life interesting to understandable.

Our brain is more receptive to images than texts. According to researchers, images processed 60,000 times faster than text. That’s why we understand and learn better through visual content. Images help our brain to absorb complicated data faster than reading the text. Hence, watching video tutorials are easily understandable rather than reading the manual or documentation.

How does brain process images?

Well, before discussing any future we need to understand actually how we see an image. Visual perception begins as soon as the eye focuses light on the retina. There the light absorbed by a layer of photoreceptor cells. These cells convert light to electrochemical signals. Where it divided into two types of cells; Rod and Cones. Rod cells are responsible for the night vision while the cone cells are responsible for tasks like reading. After that, the electrochemical signals run through different layers of the brain. Finally, the output information sent to the brain through the Optic nerve. Because of visually understanding features of our brain, we are able to analyze a thing in a million different ways.

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The maximum analyzing and the intelligence part of the brain is carried out by the neurons. To do specialized tasks neurons generate diverse firing patterns. An action potential is set up which is part of the process that occurs during firing a neuron.

How fast brain process images?

Brain processing logical and visual data

Now we know, how images are processed in our brain. You will be surprised to know how fast the human brain processes these images. Well, researchers have found that the brain can identify these images in as little as 13 milliseconds. The previous record stood out for 100 milliseconds.

However, in a recent study scientists found out people can identify objects in images between 13 milliseconds and 80 milliseconds. The processing of memory in our brain starts deep inside the medial temporal lobe in a region called the limbic system.

You will be surprised to know, the world’s fastest supercomputer processes data at a much higher speed than the human brain. The processing speed of our brain is 2.2 billion megaflops while the world’s fastest supercomputer processes at the speed of 8.2 million megaflops. Also, the supercomputer has much higher memory capacity and power too when compared to the human brain.

But as humans, we have the superpower to learn and improve. With practice and appropriate techniques, we can increase brainpower and its processing speed. However, apart from the brain’s logical and analytical skills a person also needs to work on their memory. Especially for students who need to obtain and retain new information on a daily basis.

We cultivated some very useful techniques which will help you to enhance your memory and brainpower.


Practice make memory long lasting

It would be best if you revised recently learned things as many times as possible. Most of us have a common habit of reading books or articles once and never again read it. As a result, with passing time we forget most of it. Research suggests it’s natural for the human brain. The more we revise, the longer it is retained in your mind.

Link Up

Link up new memory with old one

It would be best if you always tried to link up the content you are studying to other ideas. Researchers have proved that the association of one idea to another concept helps that information to stay in the brain for a more extended period.

Use of Abbreviations

Divide difficult equations into small parts

There are many complicated formulae and equations which if divided into parts, have a better chance to remember a more extended time. A most tactical solution to this problem is to make short abbreviations. It is each alphabet of the acronym stands for each element of the formula or equation that needs to memorize.

List down all the major points

List down major points

While studying, the best habit is to write down all the significant points. Listing down all the points helps our mind to have a better picture of the content moreover improving brain capacity.

Those techniques sound simple, but the scientific study proves these methods work. As humans, we have the unique gift of became better with time.

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So we should always try and improve brain capacity or brainpower. Doing this, we can also always come up with new constructive ways to do goods to society and help and make this world a better place to live.

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