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New Scientific research shows ’85 % Rule’ best for learning

The '85% Rule' Makes for the Best Learning, According to a New Study

There is lots of hoax going on about what is the best way of learning? or how to be more efficient when learning new things?

Yeah, those are a really important question. If anyone knows the best way of learning then they can archive great leave of success in less time. Therefore for a long time scientists are trying to understand how we humans learn. As a result, we came to know really interesting things about us. This also leads to different working learning methods.

Similarly, the University of Arizona takes effort to answer this question. Rober Wilson the professor of psychology and cognitive science and his team of researchers start searching for the truth. After there immense work they came with something called “85% rule”.

85% Rule of Learning

No need to worry about perfection anymore. The researchers found out that making some mistakes actually can boost your skills. According to Wilson, anyone can learn better when they fail 15% of the time.

They came up with this after conducting a series of machine learning experiments. At first, they created different AI systems based on how we humans learn. After that, they create a different series of tasks from simple to complex. Those experiments show computers learned fastest when the task difficulty is such that they failed 15 percent of the time.

The researchers further explained humans learn most with perceptual learning, in which we gradually learn through examples and experience. If you are learning anything too easy then you could 100% correct but will not learn anything new. Whereas if you push yourself and try to learn something new, then you could fail but eventually will improve your skills.

That’s how learning 85% Rule works. Let me know, what do you think about this new type of learning strategy? Thanks for reading.

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