Sad Story of Hisashi Ouchi – The victim of the worst nuclear accident in history

Sad Story of Hisashi Ouchi worst nuclear history

We know very well; death is uncertain. But you have ever heard about the name of Hisashi Ouchi. He was a technician who worked at the Tokaimura Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. JCO, the Japanese Nuclear Fuel Conversion company, was operating on the plant.

Hisashi Ouchi becomes the nation’s worst-ever nuclear radiation victim during an accident in Japan’s nuclear plant. This issue was an extremely hazardous issue of nuclear effect in our medical history.

Hisashi was kept alive for 83 days in some innovative way, despite his request to die, he was kept alive in excruciating pain for 83 days against his will in doctor’s prideful efforts to preserve his life. Several things arise in our minds about this. Now the interesting question is, “why Hisashi Ouchi kept alive for 83 days?”

Causes of the second Tokaimurd Nuclear accident

In total, there have been two Tokaimurna nuclear accidents. The first one happened on March 11, 1997, at the Donen plant. And another accident occurred on September 30, 1999, around 10:35 am.

It is one of the horrible and world’s worst civilian nuclear radiation disasters that happened in the uranium fuel reprocessing plant resulting in 2 horrific deaths and exposure for 667 people. This disaster classifies Serious criticality accidents.

Three technicians were working in the lab.

  1. Hisashi Ouchi – 35 years old
  2. Yutaka Yokokawa – 54 years old
  3. Masato Shinohara – 39 years old

Two of Three lab workers mixing fuel lost there lives. Ouchi and Shinohara were together preparing a batch of nuclear fuel by adding a uranium solution in a precipitation tank. They dissolve and mix high purity enriched uranium oxide with nitric acid to produce uranyl nitrate.

Due to the lack of proper knowledge, experience, inadequate safety equipment, improper technician training, and unfortunate, they erroneously added an immoderate amount of uranium (near about 16kg) in one of the tanks. In contrast, precipitation on the tank uranium limit was only 2.4kg, which was in critical condition. As a result of a big nuclear disaster with huge effects.

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The fate of Hisashi Ouchi

Unfortunately, Ouchi becomes the victim of this worst nuclear accident. The effect of this radiation can immediately saw on Ouchi though there was no explosion. There was a continuous release of heavy fission products, and chain reaction continued almost 20 hours.

He was in unbearable pain and even could not breathe properly. He lost his sentience and vomited into the tank. Ouchi, Yutaka, Masato all three of them immediately moved to the nearest Mito hospital.

Ouchi was close to the tank and got affected by 17 sieverts of radiation and injured most. Ouchi suffered 100% of severe burn and almost of his external or internal organ damaged. Ouchi’s exposure to the radiation was so acute that his chromosomes were destroyed, and his white blood cell count plummeted to near zero.

The immensity of radiation destroyed his body – even include his DNA and immune system. He just wanted to die. But doctors preserved his life. According to the book A slow death – 83 days of radiation sickness.

“one of Ouchi’s chromosomes could be identified or arranged in order.”

What does nuclear radiation do in the human body?

Inside our nucleus, there are tiny and microscopic bodies known as chromosomes, which are made of DNA(Deoxyribonucleic acid). It is a part of the cell in the living things that decide the gender, character, shape, division of the cells, etc. and allow us to live. If our DNA gets destroyed, it means cells die and can’t multiple any more.

When was Hisashi Ouchi suffering too much by the nuclear radiation, his whole body cells wholly destroyed, and he got a horrible death.

Image Source: bemil.chosun

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what was ferocious about resurgence on the 59th day

As his condition was horrible, and he didn’t want to live anymore. He was shifted to the University of Tokyo hospital and reportedly underwent the world’s first transfusion of peripheral stem cell. He had to undergo various skin treatments and transplants.

Last, after being treated for a week, Ouchi managed to say, “ I cannot take it anymore. I am not a grained pig“. On but doctors kept him alive. A beautiful thing has happened.

He was resurgence on the 59th day when his heart stopped three times in a day with a period of 49 minutes regardless of wishing not to be let to suffer anymore, which caused severe damage in his brain and kidneys.

But he didn’t die. Doctors had taken him on full life support. But he got every horrible and very slow or painful death and finally died on December 21, 1999, due to the multi-organ failure.

Did Yutaka Yokokawa and Masato Shinohara also die?

On the contrary, Yutaka and Masato also moved to the hospital, and they were fighting against their death. Masato and Yutaka also attain 10 sieverts and 3 sieverts, respectively. But later, though, Masato seemed to be getting better, and he was even taken in his hospital wheelchair to visit the hospital garden on New Year’s day 2000.

Unluckily he was not able to speak. Some of those containing frustrated words like “Mommy, please!”. But later, his lungs were damaged by radiation, and unfortunately, Masato left the world on April 27, 2000. Luckily Yutaka recovered better and discharged from the hospital.

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