This Teenage Girl Invented A Landfill Compostable Plastic Made From Prawn Shells

Science fair winner Angelina Arora of Australia demonstrated a biodegradable plastic made from natural material.

Angelina Arora of Australia Teenage Girl Invented a biodegradable plastic made from Prawn Shells

At the same time as plastic has many treasured uses, we’ve emerged as hooked on single-use or disposable plastic with severe environmental outcomes.

Around the world, a million plastic ingesting bottles are bought every minute, whilst as much as five trillion one-time-use plastic luggage is used internationally every year. in general, half of all plastic produced is designed for use handiest once — after which thrown away.

Plastic waste is now so ubiquitous within the natural environment that scientists have even counseled it could serve as a geological indicator of the Anthropocene generation. Plastic pollution harms nature.

Teenage Girl Made a Compostable Plastic Bag From Shrimp
Image by sherreenleesy from Pixabay

For solving this problem a 17-year-old girl found an alternative to plastic, compostable plastic. She has founded a plastic-like material that is made up of prawn shells. It decomposes 1.5 million times faster than synthetic plastic.

Angelina Arora, a teenager who invented compostable plastic has generated quite a buzz, and she has won a number of awards and competitions.

Angelina is an Australian student of medicine. For her invention of the compostable plastic, she got a BHP Science and Engineering Award. Angelina is now exploring the effect of algae on oil spill remediation, which has once more earned her a nomination in the BHP Science and Engineering Awards. In June of this year, Angelina became one of the youngest speakers to give a TED speak.

Teenage girl Angelina Arora got BHP science and Engineering award for biodegradable plastic
Photo Credit: Angelina Arora

Angelina said that one day she went shopping with her mother, seeing that her mother is paying for the plastic bags which harm our environment. There Angelia thought of creating biodegradable plastic.

She started experimenting with the corn starch and potato starch, but she found them soluble in water. After trying all the organic waste she turned towards the prawn shell and found the similarities like plastic.

She researches on the composition of the shell and takes out the chitin from it. Chitin is carbohydrates found in the crustacean shell-like crab and prawn. She converted it to chitosan and combined it with fibroin it is an insoluble protein found in cocoons. And after that combining both of these with the help of chemical processing she invented the bioplastics only within 33 days. 

This bioplastic which is made up of prawn shell while the process of decomposition the prawn shell release nitrogen which is necessary for plant growth and good for the soil.

So this plastic is not only environmentally friendly but also very helpful in agriculture. Like other synthetic plastic, this bioplastic is very pocket friendly, durable, and insoluble.

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