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You are ‘Genius’ if you have ugly handwriting, says science

Ugly handwriting could be a sign of faster brain

Although nowadays most of us use a mobile, tablet or any digital device for taking notes or writing. But whenever we have to write on paper, it could be a golden chance to determine your brain’s thinking speed.

If you are among the people who have ugly handwriting then you in luck. We deep drive and found out that most of the intelligent people we know tend to have messy handwriting. Do you know Napoleon and even Freud‘s had really awful handwriting?

Scientists and phycologists performed a set of tests. Their research explains the thought process of our mind is faster than the motor skills of hands. Although there is a difference between the response time of a well and non-practice hands. That’s why the speed of writing using a pen can not match the speed of our brain’s thought process.

In other words, our minds can think faster than our hands can write. They also saw a pattern. In the most common scenario when the brain’s activity is a way too fast, it directly influence the motor skills. As a result, the handwriting turns out to be sloppy and disorganized. The situation becomes worse when we try to keep up with lectures. This, in turn, leads to poor rhythm inconsistencies which is frustrating.

How ugly handwriting makes you special?

However, it comes with some positive benefits. It also gives messy writers a chance to be an independent thinker. Although, more often they are not fit in with the expectations of society. But who cares, as a result, the grew desire to stand out from others. Also, most of them tend to be very creative, intelligent and self-reliance in other fields.

In some other cases, it is also observed that messy writers tend to be emotionally unstable & sometimes bad-tempered too. This can be an indication of low self-esteem or insecurity.

In conclusion, you should never let your “ugly handwriting” undermine your confidence. Never allow other people to make unfounded judgments about you based on your bad handwriting alone. It will give you a new respect for yourself!

Learn more about the myths and psychology behind your ugly handwriting in Handwriting Psychology: Personality Reflected in Handwriting by Dr. Helmut Ploog. If you choose to make a purchase from the above link, AmazingFact will get a share of the sale.

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