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Will An Asteroid Really Hit Earth On April 29, 2020?

Do you need to worry?

Asteroid Really Hit Earth On April 29

When the world is thinking about the promising comet, comet Atlas, a newly located asteroid has been a move by safely by the Earth on 15th April 2020. The name of the newly discovered asteroid is 2020 GH2. The size of the asteroid is 40-70 feet wide which looks like the size of a house.

According to the report of AccuWeather, it was traversing the distance which is closer to the earth than Moon by the distance of 223000 miles away. 2020 GH2 was discovered on 11th April which does not pose any bad impact to the Earth. 2020 GH2 was first discovered by the “Center for new Earth Object studies” at NASA’S jet propulsion laboratory on 11th April 2020.

After being discovered, it was in track and observation by several observatories.  According to the Smithsonian astrophysical observatory in Cambridge, the Catalina sky survey at Mount Lemmon in Arizona is one of the observatories which is used to do continue tracking and observation of 2020 GH2.

Does asteroid 2020 GH2 poses any threat to Earth On April 29, 2020?

Asteroid 2020 GH2 poses no threat to the Earth at the time its flyby. There was an initial thought that it might be touching the Earth’s surface while flying inside the Moon’s orbit but there was enough space to fly intact. On 31st March NASA shared a video on their twitter account Asteroid watch, Kelly Fast one of the members of the Planetary Defense Coordination Office, described the total amount of space available there.

She had taken a tennis ball and a basketball as an example of Moon and Earth and placed them apart in a hallway of 25 feet distance. This scale distance is the distance between Earth and Moon. This demonstration actually explains that this huge asteroid actually doomed the dinosaurs like planet Earth. The size of this asteroid would be a grain of salt.

According to the fast, our space is huge and this close approach asteroid has really started to gets into the distance of weather satellite. Geostationary satellite rotates the Earth from a distance of 22000 miles. The important part of this situation was that asteroid does not pose any threats to the Earth. Astronaut scientists from NASA’s planetary defense program around the globe continually observe the sky for new and unspecified asteroids that might poses risk or bad impact on the Earth.

NASA has lots of technologies to find out those asteroids that might pose threats to the Earth. Any asteroid size of 500 feet and above with an orbit can bring it within 4.7 million to the Earth, have the potential to be a hazardous asteroid.

NASA Explained Asteroid approaching towards Earth will not annihilate humanity

According to NASA, in 2019, they have discovered around 19000 different asteroids nearby Earth, and around 30 new-found asteroids are joining in each week. People must be thinking this house-size asteroid 2020 GH2 is sounded huge but NASA has pulled up their socks for even a larger asteroid which will fly by on the 29th of April named 1998 OR2. 1998 OR2 is a potentially hazardous asteroid that will fly with a safe distance of 3.9 million miles by the Earth.

According to NASA, 1998 OR2 will approach Earth closely on the 29th of April. This incident is about to happen at 5:56 ETD. It will be flyby 3.9 million miles away from Earth which of more than 16 times of distance between Earth and Moon. 1998 OR2 is potentially hazardous not only because it will pose risk to the Earth but also there are some characteristics that actually fulfilling the criteria of NASA’S agencies scheme.

The asteroid will be hazardous if it will intersect the Earth’s orbit at the distance lesser than 4.6 million miles. This is the average distance between the Sun and Earth. The next two flybys in the year 2048 and 2062 will be further far away but the closest asteroid 1998 OR2 will be again foreseeable in the future on 16th April 2079. At that time it will be only 1.1 million miles away from the orbit of the Earth.

NASA and its partners around the globe are always on duty to scanning and observing the sky for potentially hazardous asteroid and researching the possible way to save the earth before it strikes. Till now NASA has discovered around one-third of 25000 large asteroids those which are traversing around the Earth.

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