NASA Releases Satellite Images Of California Superbloom From Space

NASA Releases Satellite images superbloom of California

During this time of COVID-19 and social distancing when everyone is apart, everyone has stuck in their home; there’s a surprise given by NASA(National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to the people Southern California. They have released satellite images of California Superbloom from space

A statement released by NASA in the reference of the Superbloom images is like this:

Do you know what a Superbloom is?

Superbloom is the super bloom referred to as” fantastic bloom” is an extraordinary climatic phenomenon. It happens when extreme amounts and varieties of wildflowers bloom at once in the desert due to a particular combination of seasonal rain and fecund temperatures.

beautiful landscape of California superbloom
The orange colors of poppies appear to dominate Antelope Valley, California, but the fields also contain lavender-colored forget-me-nots, cream cups, purple-hued bush pines, and yellow goldfields. Ben Chu

The poem,” Seeing California’s Super Bloom from Space,” uses the imagery and language of the Southern California desert and Los Angeles landscape to address feelings of longing, desire, and separation.

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This unbelievable event happened on 14 April 2020, Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve near Desert Mojave’s tip. Antelope Valley California poppy reserve is a park walking across 7 kilometers squares. It is placed remotely in the north-eastern hills of Los Angeles county.

This place provides an excellent climate, which makes this place one of the best for the California super bloom. It brings out the colorful California poppies each spring. The California poppy is the kingdom flower.

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The mixture of environmental situations has often caused huge wildflowers to come up around this time the image of the California Superbloom captured by a space agency known as Operational Land Imager

In the captured images, the valley looks so beautiful in all her glory.

2019 Walker Canyon During a Poppy Super Bloom photographs
Photo was taken from I-15 heading northbound, looking east in Walker Canyon on March 17, 2019. Just hours before officials shut down the viewing and parts of the event. Wikimedia

The poppies concept to be at or close to their top at the time the photographs have been taken.

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This spring, Lancaster received around 10.5 inches (27 centimeters) of rain almost 4 inches (10 centimeters) above normal. The extra rain might also cause the poppies to paste around longer than usual and result in an above-common wildflower. This season was considered the late rainy season, so this kind of super bloom was unexpected and surprising. This flower is very unpredictable.

“The extra rain may cause the poppies to stick around longer than usual and result in an above-average wildflower year. Park officials called this bloom an “unexpected” surprise due to the late-season rains.”

According to NASA

However, currently, this park is closed for visitors due to the global pandemic COVID-19. But for the people who are excited to see the Superbloom from home, a live stream was held by

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