A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Is Happening During The Full Moon This July

Lunar eclipse July: The penumbral lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan 2020 will take place on 5th July 2020. In India (Mumbai), the eclipse would begin from 08:37:23 am

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 5th and 6th june 2020

Last month was pretty special, we are able to saw a supermoon at night. But now this month, a penumbral lunar eclipse is going to take place on July 4th and 5th of 2020. It is the strawberry full moon that will also pass through the faint outer shadow of the earth is known as a penumbral lunar eclipse.

In the month of June, we will see both eclipses (lunar and solar)

The lunar eclipse on July 5 and Solar eclipse on June 21. This year is very rare for space lovers.

Only those who live in the portions of Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the South Eastern area of south America will able to notice but not properly moon turn. That slowly darker and seen less bright.

During the maximum phase of the eclipse, it can be subtle(not noticeable). Other areas will just experience the moon rise or set during the escape and it is different to find the change from a normal full moon.

But due to bad luck – a major part of South America and North America will not be able to see it properly because of below the horizon according to the NASA report.

What is a lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon moves into the earth. Aligns between the full moon and sun. And thus result in sun rays are not able to reach the full moon. So, we can say that A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon moves into the earth’s shadow.

A lunar eclipse can occur only on the night of a full moon. While direct sunlight is being blocked by the earth and only the reflected light from the surface of the Earth reaching towards the Moon. As the sunlight refracted by the earth’s atmosphere produces a reddish color, Moon will look slightly reddish. 

Date and Time of Lunar Eclipse July 2020 or Chandra Grahan 2020

The penumbral lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan will take place on 5th July 2020. In India (Mumbai), the eclipse would begin from 08:37:23 am and would go on till 11:22:21 am. Although the lunar eclipse will not be visible in India

According to the prediction of astrologers, this year 2020 July’s strawberry full moon will last approximately 2 hours 45 minutes, but will not be clearly visible everywhere. So, if you want to enjoy this marvelous view than have patience. The maximum eclipse would be around 09:59:51 am

The moon’s orbit is inclined about 5 degrees relative to the eclipse plane. This year we will saw 4 eclipses. One we already experienced on January 10th and the rest 3 will be this on 5th June and 31 November (about the lunar eclipse).

You can also check the time of the eclipse in your city by clicking here.

Why June 5th and 6th of 2020 Friday moon called the strawberry moon?

Lunar eclipse gives us the reddish color and strawberry-like color. In fact, time is prime strawberry growing time of most of the United States and strawberry ranks sixth as the country most popular fruit 

Another name of this full moon includes — the mead moon, rose moo, and LRO moon. LRO means Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

History behind strawberry moon

Colonial  Americans adopted some of the indigenous moon names and applied them to this own calendar system.

So, check out the time of the full moon in your city and set the time to watch the event. I hope you guys like this article.

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