Should we worry about Solar Flares?

Causes of solar flare

Sometimes there’s an unexpected intense flush of brightness on the sun. which may solely be discovered victimization scientific instruments. The energy free in flare is 10 million times larger than any huge volcanic explosion.

Scientists suggest solar flare occurs once accelerated charged particles move with the plasma medium. As within the flare heated and accelerated electrons, protons and significant nuclei can be found.

Solar flares are really important for space travel. These flares totally control the outer space weather. They can create solar wind or stellar wind. Solar winds have a devastating effect on space crafts and astronauts have to face hazards radiation. Even though Earth’s different spheres, save us from these particles, massive solar flares can compromise the magnetosphere.

Above all, a massive solar flare can create geomagnetic storms. Previously this type of geomagnetic storms short Cricut the whole power grids and also could disable satellites. In other words, they can cost more than billion-dollar loses.

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