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On April 7 and 8, ‘Super Pink Moon’ Will Be the Biggest and Best of 2020

Super Pink Moon april 7 2020

What is a super pink moon does it seem like moon names are becoming more complex a super pink moon or super pink Moon occurs on Wednesday, April 8th but the super and pink parts occur at slightly different times.

Let me explain first the Moon isn’t going to look pink. Traditionally any full moon that occurred in April was called a pink moon because it marked the blooming of Moss pink a wildflower that’s native to the eastern US as for super Moon the astronomical term is perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system.

We will witness a “pink supermoon” (or “super pink moon”) on Wednesday, April 8th. According to astronomers, it will be closed to the point of Perigee. This supermoon is unique, and it will be the biggest and brightest of the year.

What is Perigee?

While Moon is orbiting the Earth, the closest point in Moon’s orbit is called Perigee. As Moon is exceptionally close to Earth; full Moon appears up to 7% larger and 15% brighter than a typical full moon.

Typically, any full moon that occurred in April was called a Pink Moon. The astronomical term of a supermoon is perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system.

Super Pink Moon phases time table 2020 – 23 Apr 2020

On April 8th, we will be able to see a pin supermoon at Perigee (8:05 am IST) that occurs just over 8 hours before syzygy (7:35 pm IST). The Moon rises due east at 6:42 pm, in Arizona.

First Quarter: April 1, 6:21 A.M. EDT
Full Moon: April 7, 10:35 P.M. EDT
Last Quarter: April 14, 6:56 P.M. EDT
New Moon: April 22, 10:26 P.M. EDT
First Quarter: April 30, 4:38 P.M. EDT

Now that’s a mouthful syzygy happens when three or more celestial bodies are aligned in a straight line whenever the Earth-Moon and Sun line up. It’s either a new moon or a full moon; the full moon version of syzygy. It is known as opposition because the Moon is directly opposite the Sun as viewed from Earth. As for Perigee, that’s when the Moon comes closest to Earth in its slightly elliptical orbit around the Earth.

When the Moon is farthest from Earth, the Moon can reach Perigee or Apogee in any of its phases when the Moon is full at or close to Perigee. We call it a super moon or perigee-syzygy on April 8th Perigee occurs just over eight hours before syzygy. So we get a super pink moon.

At Lowell Observatory you can see how this looks from the ground perigee makes the full moon appear up to seven per cent larger and 15 per cent brighter than a typical full moon. The pink super Moon will be the most significant and most brilliant of the year. Because it’s closest to the point of Perigee when it’s complete the Moon rises due east at 6:42 pm.

Watch Online Super Pink Moon 2020

On Wednesday, April 8th, Lowell Observatory will live stream Super Pink Moon. You can watch Shoot for the Supermoon 2020 directly from our website.

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