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12 Unexplained Mysteries, Continue To Baffle The Scientific Community

12 Unexplained Mysteries Continue To Baffle The Scientific Community

Science seeks a simple explanation of difficult facts. But there are mysteries in science that are unexplained yet. Here we will discuss the 12 unexplained mysteries that continue to baffle the scientific community.

1. The Bimini Road

Unexplained Mysteries about Bimini road underwater rock formation

In September 1968, 700 limestone boulders were found clustered on the ocean floor near North Bimini in the Bahamas. This is an underwater rock formation, also known as the Bimini wall. The road consists of a rectangular and sub-rectangular limestone block.

Unexplained Mysteries about Bimini road near North Bimini in Bahamas

People believe it the remnants of lost city Atlantis, but this fact is a mystery yet.

2. The Mysterious Photo in Bralorne Museum

Mysterious man at the time of opening ceremony of golden bridge in canada

The photo was taken in 1941 at the inauguration of Gold Bridge in Canada. The mystery in the photograph is a man dressed in hoodies, t-shirt, and black sunglasses, that is far from the 1941’s fashion.

3. The Carroll A.Deering Ghost Ship

Carroll A Deering the famous Ghost Ship

Carroll A. Deering was an American commercial schooner that became the most famous ghost ship of all time. In August 1920, 5 months earlier than the 5-masted schooner became located abandoned off the coast of gift-day cape Hatteras countrywide seaside, Carroll A.

Deering set sail from Norfolk, Virginia, in tip-pinnacle shape, with a skilled captain and a team of 10 guys bound for Rio de Janeiro with a cargo of coal.

4. The Boiling river

boiling river in Andres ruzo
A local shaman stands near a mythical boiling river within Peru’s Amazon Rain forest. Credit: and Forbes

Andres Ruzo found the river, named shaman. Its temperature is 176°F, the nearest volcano is 400 miles away.

The Amazon’s Boiling River Kills Anything That Enters

5. Dancing Plague

History facts Dancing Plague Madame Troffea of Strasbourg

Madame Troffea of Strasbourg suddenly started dancing and didn’t stop. Hundred of people gathered to watch the dancing lady, and suddenly 400 people died from a heart attack. Both the incidence is still a mystery for science.

6. The mystery of Andrew Carlssin

Science explanation mystery of Andrew Carlssin

Andrew Carlssin is a stock trader, and he suddenly builds his portfolio from $800 to $350 million. When interrogated he said that he traveled to the future in 2025 with the help of time machine.

7. Yonaguni underwater ruins

Yonaguni underwater ruins Monument Terraces
Yonaguni Monument Terraces as seen from the south of the Monument Photo credit: Wikimedia

Underwater rock shape that was found inside the mid-1980s near Yonaguni Island, Japan. While a few trust the Ziggurat-like formation is from an ancient town, others argue that it becomes created.

Underwater pyramids of Yonaguni

8. The Amazonian Geoglyphs

mysterious geoglyphs of amazonian

The Amazonian Geoglyphs is one of the mysterious geoglyphs of the world. More than 450 Geoglyphs found between Brazil to Bolivia.

9. The Underground Ocean

660 km deep reservoir underground ocean

A 660 km deep reservoir of water was founded in 2014.

10. Earthquake Light

A mysterious light appears during the time of the earthquake. This phenomenon occurred the first time in 1600. This light appears at 0.5% of the time.

11. The Rain Man

Rain Man Don Decker of Stroudsburg Pennsylvania

Don Decker of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Wherever he goes suddenly, water began to drip from the ceiling, this incident happens with him twice. Water was dripping from the ceilings were there was no plumbing.

12. The Ice Woman

Jean Hilliard was moving towards her home, but her car suddenly drifted. The temperature was -22℃, she decided to walk to her friend’s house. But in the freezing temperature, her body freezes. 

When she reached the hospital doctors declared her dead. But after three days she started moving her hands, and 6 weeks she recovered.

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