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Bill Gates Is Funding A Chemical Cloud That Could Put An End To Global Warming

Bill Gates Is Funding A Chemical Cloud That Could Put An End To Global Warming

Global warming, the gradual heating of earth’s floor, oceans and environment, is due to the human pastime, broadly speaking the burning of fossil fuels that pump carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, and different greenhouse gases into the ecosystem.

Impact of Global warming

Ice is melting worldwide, specifically at the earth’s poles. This consists of mountain glaciers, ice sheets protecting west Antarctica and Greenland, and arctic sea ice. In Montana’s Glacier National Park the range of glaciers has declined to less than 30 from more than 150 in 1910.

Much of this melting ice contributes to the sea-stage upward push. International sea ranges are rising 0.13 inches (3.2 millimetres) a year, and the upward push is occurring at a quicker fee in recent years.

Growing temperatures are affecting wildlife and their habitats. vanishing ice has challenged species including the penguin in Antarctica, wherein some populations on the western peninsula have collapsed by 90 percent or more.

As temperatures trade, many species are on the flow. A few butterflies, foxes, and alpine plants have migrated farther north or to higher, cooler regions.

Precipitation (rain and snowfall) has elevated across the globe, on common. But some regions are experiencing extra excessive drought, increasing the chance of wildfires, misplaced vegetation, and drinking water shortages.

For fighting back to this problem companies, leaders are trying new solutions. Bill Gates is funding a chemical cloud that could put an end to Global Warming.

Bill Gates used the technique of solar geoengineering to reduce global warming. Solar geoengineering is solar radiation management that reflects sunlight and increases the planetary albedo. This reduces the intensity of heatwave, it could reduce the rate of sea-level rise.

How the chemical cloud will work?

Bill Gates Is Funding A Chemical Cloud
Photo Credit: CNBC

In the process, the flying planes at high altitudes, spray millions of tons of particles that create a chemical cloud that is capable of reflecting the sun’s lights and cool the earth’s surface. The same can happen during a volcanic eruption, sulfur dioxide present in the ash converted into sulphuric acid are sol that reflects the sunlight and generate a cooling effect.

The benefit of this technology is that solar geoengineering is cost-effective. It could be controlled immediately, and in around 10 days all the salt particle present in the sky would rain or will settle out of the atmosphere.

This is can be also used over the Antarctic to reduce summer ice melt.

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Written by Supriya Agrahari

She loves to write. She had worked for many websites, throughout her career. Supriya has also written about climate change, tech, environment, relationships, cannabis, and celebrity.

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