At 90, This Chandigarh Grandma Launched Her Startup With ‘Besan Ki Barfi’!

She first set shop at a local organic market on her own, She sat there, interacted with the customers, and came home with Rs 2,000 which was her first ‘own’ earnings.

90 years old Chandigarh Grandma Launched Her Startup With Besan Ki Barfi

When it comes to dreams, age is just a number. Chandigarh grandma launched her startup with besan ki barfi, at 90. Harbhajan Kaur a 90-year-old grandmother from Chandigarh.

One day in a conversation with her daughter Raveena Suri, she admits that she had regret in her life that, she never earned any money on her own. After hearing her mother’s dream, Raveena decided to erase her mother’s regret.

Journey of Besan ki Barfi

Raveena suggested her mother start an entrepreneurial venture of yummy treat. Harbhajan Kaur specialized in making Besan ki barfi. Raveena said they used to have had food at home, either it is sweets, squashes, and sherbets. My mother has always been an outstanding cook but never got the recognition formally. 

Chandigarh Grandma Harbhajan kaur Besan Ki Barfi with her daughter Raveena Suri

Raveena told me about how her mother started her journey with Besan ki barfi. Firstly they set up a shop at a local market on her own. She sat at the shop and sold her barfi. One the first day Harbhajan received her first own earned money and that was Rs, 2,000.

Since then Harbhajan has never looked back, she is making barfis, chutney, and various types of pickles and selling it on the organic market every ten days. Being 90-year-old, she never gets tried with her work.

Harbhajan grew her business and running it successfully. The tagline for her business is Bachpan Yaad Aajayegi. Raveena is her backbone, she always behind her as silent power. Her granddaughter helps her in packaging.

Bond of grandparents and grandchildren are precious. Such a relationship Harbhajan has with her granddaughter. Raveena’s daughter got married recently and she wanted a wedding invitation to be sent out with the barfis that her Nani made.

She wanted that no sweets should come from outside, her Nani will make sweets for marriage. Surprisingly when everyone has the sweet in marriage they were really happy. Her Nani has made 200kg of barfi for her granddaughter’s wedding.

Inspiration for all Harbhajan Kaur making her signature Besan Burfi

Raveena says that she has never seen her mother so confident even before. Beyond the money aspect, my mother has grown personally. Before starting her business she was not able to sit in the group and conversation she was shy. But now she has been giving interviews, dealing with the clients, asking for feedback, etc. Her life gets transformed from a shy lady to a confident businesswoman.

Harbhajan used to make around 5-10 kgs barfis every day. Now four years have completed to the business she had made over 500 kg of barfi. The price for 1 kilograms barfi is Rs. 850.

Startup Besan ki Barfi tagline Bachpan yaad aajayegi

For now, Harbhajan and her family are running their business, but they have a plan to employ others very soon, as they are getting more and more orders day by day.

Harbhajan Kaur got her recognition in the market. Anand Mahendra calling her the entrepreneur of the year in one of his tweets. Captain Amrinder Singh says that he would like to have signature besan barfi.

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