Amazing Journey of A Man Who Drove An Auto To His Dreams!

Doctor Ajith Drove An Auto To His Dreams, Earns Ph.D. To Become Lecturer

Sayings like “Nothing is impossible”, “Where’s a will, there’s a way” are proved true by a Kerala Man who drove an auto to his dreams, earns a Ph.D. to become a lecturer. 

KP Ajith’s resident of Muvattupuzha, born in a poor family.  His father left his mother and him when he was only 3 months old. Her mother has no money, no piece of land. Her mother filed for a divorce when he was 1 year old.

After that, they both moved to mothers village. His mother started working low paying daily wages workers. They were hardly able to feed themselves but her mother used to send him to the school. Education was the least concerning factor for the family.

Ajith was an average student, when has failed in Mathematics in class 10, then his mother asked, does he wanted to carry forward his education or not. He decided to drop out of school and start making money. 

He started working into the quarry, from where he can earn Rs 100-200/day which was enough for him and his mother. This was good for winters and summer, but in the rainy season, he started selling fish.

Inspiring Story of a Auto driver with a Ph.D. degree

Amazing Heart Touching Story of a Auto driver with PHD

When he was working in the quarry, and doing another job to earn money people asked him why he was doing this, why he didn’t complete his education. There he realized that he should complete his education. So in 2007, Ajith once again joined the Muvattupuzha Govt High School intending to complete his education.

When he entered the school he got Santosh Kumar, his political science teacher, he motivated him to continue his studies. So after passing the intermediate he joined the St. Peter’s College in Kolenchery to complete his undergraduate degree in Malayalam.

But still, the biggest hurdle on his way was money. For paying his fees, he brought a second-hand auto and started doing evening rounds after college. He also utilizes his holidays to pay his fees.

The first Ph.D. graduate from his University

He couldn’t stop himself to complete his further studies for that after completing his undergraduate degree he joined Muvattupuzha Sri Narayan College of Education to pursue a BEd degree. He didn’t have to worry about the income because the auto was providing him a steady income. 

On the way of his dreams now he wanted to complete his post-graduation in Malayalam from Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University.

After completing his master’s degree he was the first in 15 students who are selected as the research students from the college.

inspiring story of Dr Ajith first phd graduate from his university

This was the unexpected turning point of Ajith’s life. Ajith completed his Ph.D. in 2019. After that, he cleared UGC NET in the same year. And today he is a proud visiting lecturer at the Sri C Achutha Menon Government College, Kuttanellur, and still continues driving his auto rickshaw.

His life was full of roller coaster ride, when he was working in a quarry he never imagined that his consistency can bring him there. 

“My life was a series of failures, but I was determined to turn those failures into stepping stones and prove the world wrong. The only thing to remember is, our dreams have no boundaries. The only boundaries are the ones we set,”

Ajith concludes.
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