Even polio can’t stop her from becoming an Olympic Legend

Wilma Rudolph Olympic run

We are talking about Wilma Rudolph. An extraordinary American icon who inspires the quickest kid Clarksville. She has many more achievements and motivational stories in her life. Let’s know her better.

Her story begins on June 23, 1940, when she born prematurely in Tennessee. She was not like other normal girls of her age. She had to wear braces on her left leg. From that to an Olympic gold medalist was not an easy journey for her.

While growing up she had suffered from polio and scarlet fever. After long treatments, she recovered from Polio but lost strength in her left leg. Doctors announced she would never walk. But she replied,

My mother told me I would. I believed my mother

With such a positive mentality and her family support, she fights hard with paralysis. After 2 years of continuous effort, she starts to regain strength in her leg. After then went to high school and start playing basketball. Soon she masters it and became an all-state player.

All her effort are started paying off and only at the age of 16 she won her first bronze Olympic medal. This is just beginning, 4 years later in 1960 she became “the fastest woman in the world“. She also was the first American woman who won three gold medals in one Olympics.

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