10 Interesting facts about music

Interesting facts about music

Music is the platform where people around the world connect. This is a universal language and people share their words, emotions, culture, traditions, and love through this language. It is an important portion of our life as it is a frequent way to express ourselves.

Music can increase our standard of livings but some people from the globe choose this as a way to get away from the affliction of life. It can heal and reduce our pain and gives relief from our stress. Music is not only just being a source of entertainment but also play some important roles in our life.

Music fun facts

Music fun facts

The human brain can work in several ways that people cannot even understand. In numerous researches, scientists have been able to see how normal things like music can affect and enhanced perfectly. People generally got chills at the time they listen to music.

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This is caused by the Dopamine chemical that mostly released from the brain. Dopamine is a food-feel chemical released from the brain. This chemical is attached to motivation and addiction to human emotions. There are various biological studies where scientists have explained why music has been an important part of human life around the globe.

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

Bob Marley

According to the report of FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging), one of their team has recorded some people who are listening to music. From this research, they found listening to music actually recruits the auditory spaces and creating a large scale neural network in the human brain. Music can activate the emotional and creative areas of the human brain.

Music facts of the day

10 surprising music fact for today

The human brain has the characteristic to change its structure throughout life. The tendency of changing the structure of the brain throughout life is known as Brain Plasticity. These changes are associated with learning that occurs with a sensitive connection with neurons. In this research of musicians, scientists have categorized them into three phases: Professional, Amateur, and non-Musician.

They have noticed that the cortex volume was highest for professional musicians, intermediate in amateur musicians, and lowest for non-musicians. It is proved that music provides the same kind of reaction in the brain for a musical rush as the reaction of taste in food.

Brain and music facts

Brain and music facts

Listening to music has significance while exercising can improve the power and performance of work out. Dissociation is a technique which actually diverse or decreases the perceptions of effort.

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This can diverse human mind from the feelings of fatigue and a positive mindset. People can listen to music during their work out from low to moderate intensities will give them overall pleasurable experiences.

Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.


People can have their emotional attachment with their favorite songs. However, people change their favorite songs depending on the new release in the market. People choose their favorite songs depending on their present context. According to some of the survey, that song that have emotional attachment are the long-lasting preferences.

Music facts and trivia

Music facts and trivia

Music has the ability to modulate the heartbeats, blood pressure, and respiration. It can improve the human cardiovascular system. In short, we can say that our whole body synchronizes with the music at a great level. Whatever the condition that could be for the people like physical or psychological; music does it job effectively. 

People can differentiate music in various ways like happy music and sad music. Listening to happy music or sad music actually helps people to perceive the world in different ways. The brain always compares what we see and its expectations about the world around us. As a result that comes from our mind is what we perceive is the reality around us. So this is quite simple that a happy song can lift your spirit and help to see the world around differently than that of the sad person.

Music used for medical propose

Music used for medical propose

According to medical science, music can be used for treatment purposes. This kind of treatment is known as music therapy. Music therapy can be considered as the best exercise for human brains. Doctors are using this therapy from last so many years. Music therapy can be useful for different kinds of neurological conditions. After using it from the last so many years it is proved to be helpful. Music therapy is used for those who are suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. It can also help patients to fight against personal depression and anxiety.

Ears worms are the cognizance itch in our brain. The human brain needs this brain itch and that needs to fill in the gaps according to the song rhythms. One of the parts of the human brain is the auditory cortex which eventually fills the rhythm of the song. In another word, our brain kept singing long after the song was over.

Music facts for kids

Music facts for kids

In research of children, it publicizes those children with three or more years of musical training experience are better in auditory discrimination skills and fine motor skills ability. Music can be a better platform for them. There are tested best in reasoning skills and vocabulary skills which are actually different from music training.

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