Now This How Nagaland School Kids Inspire the Whole Village

Nagaland School Kids Grow Their Own Organic Mid-Day Meals. The students are also involved in waste management activities in the village maintaining bamboo waste bins by the roadside.

Now This How Nagaland School Kids Inspire the Whole Village by Grow Their Own Organic Mid-Day Meals and waste management

Although the concept isn’t new to us, we’re seeing an upward push in organic farming, as it’s miles the need of the hour. People are getting surprisingly aware of their fitness and food.

They devour increasingly people are opting for organic food to keep away from the consumption of meals which might be grown using chemical preservatives. Today we will see the inspiring story of Nagaland School Kids Grow Their Organic Mid-Day Meals.

School kids of K Khel Government School in Viswema, Nagaland have become a trendsetter in farming. Organic farming is been an integral part of its curriculum since 2011. 60 students of the school have been doing this organic farming. Students from classes 1- 8 grow tubers, vegetables, and herb in the school.

“It is so much fun to work in the garden”

shares 13-year-old Ngapchoh, a student from class 5.
Viswema Nagaland school students Organic farming as a part of study
The students of K Khel Government School are farming Photo Credit: NDTV

They consume what they produce, the mid-day meal of the students is prepared by the vegetables that grow, whereas the vegetables that left after there meal are sold and the profit is used to buy the other items used to prepare the meal for students. They grow beans, cabbage, pumpkin, squash, pomegranate, and lemons. Maize and Naga dal comprise the staple grains.

How Organic farming started on Nagaland School?

Students are practice organic farming under the guidance of their head-teacher Keneisenu Vitus. She is a nature lover, she says, all this started 9 years before back in 2011.

Nature lover Keneisenu Vitus inspire Nagaland School organic farming
Keneisenu Vitsu, the head teacher who started the organic farming

They decided to teach organic farming to the students to enhance their skill and knowledge about agriculture, students find fun in doing the organic farming, themselves they selected the land, made it fit for farming, they added organic manure made up of organic waste. They planted the seeds and used to give them water and take care of them. They enjoy the process of growing food for them.

Nagaland School Kids Organic farming

To make it more fun for the students, we used to divide the students into three groups, and put a healthy competition between them by assigning the three different sections of the same plot.

The competition made them more careful towards their particular section. After their classes over, they used to water, add manure to the vegetables and fruits seeds sown by them. Students are learning the importance of conservation of the environment at a very young age.

The annual production of the items is more than 300 kg. 

Students of K Khel GMS school Grow Their Own Organic Mid-Day Meals

Students of K Khel GMS school are very active towards environmental issues, not only farming but they also take initiatives towards some major issues of environment like waste management.

They installed the waste bin made up of bamboo sticks at a place to place in the villages and urge from the villagers to use it. Inspired by the K Khel GMS other schools and villages also started taking steps towards organic farming and other environmental issues.

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