Bracelet From Amazon Gives You A Shock When You Eat Too Much Fast Food or Spending Too Much Money on the Internet

Bracelet From Amazon Gives You A Shock When You Eat Too Much Fast Food or Spending Too Much Money on the Internet

If you’re struggling to lose weight or save some money, this nifty little gadget could be the answer to your questions, help you achieve your goals, change your lifestyle, and act as a strict teacher.

Amazon is now selling the Pavlok bracelet that pledges to help you mode your life out if our issue dwells too much time on the internet, biting your nails or oversleeping. Amazon’s latest diet gadget might be the best solution for all your soundness woes.

Amazon now selling Pavlok bracelet which gives you a shock

This device is not limited to only our diet; it can also be used to check hours spent on the internet, watching television, playing video games, and much more that is not good for us and act as a supervisor. It can be used to break bad habits like smoking, biting nails, or overeating junk food.

Pavlok bracelet is a flabbily dystopian gadget that gives jerks to you during your quirk that you want to shove away, such as smoking, biting your nails, or overeating fast food.

Pavlok bracelet is a flabbily dystopian gadget

The pain is equivalent to touching a doorknob after rubbing socks on the carpet
The Pavlok app can be downloaded by friends to give you a buzz if they catch you eating an extra slice of cake and using too much social media.



The gadget is priced at $199 (Rs 13,900), and one charge can give 150 shocks. The gadget also has an application that a user’s family, friends, or partner so they can download the app to keep a check on your calorie intake. Whenever an appropriator passes over the line, the app gives you a warning, and the viewer will have the option of using the ‘zap’ button.

Pavlok belt will give you a 350-volt electric jerk

Principally, every time you step out of line as much as you need, the belt will give you a 350-volt electric jerk, to give you a good reminder.

The company demand that ‘within 3-5 days’, you’ll start to notice your prominent cravings decrease if not gone entirely. Pavlok allows you to speak your reptile brain’s language by adding an abominable element, or a secure and harmless ‘zap’ of electricity on your carpus. Though the gadget has got mixed reception online, Amazon has decided to put the Pavlok 2 on its marketplace.

Reviews on Amazon’s website have also been mixed.

“Wrist band is a little awkward, but it does allow for the contacts to be positioned close to your skin for the best results. I’ve only used the button on the device to administer the shock.”

One person wrote.

“I’m glad I bought it, so far I believe it is working. It’s not going to cure a lifelong issue in a few days, so you have to stick to their plan and work on it.”

Another customer says.
Amazon review Pavlok bracelet 1
Amazon review Pavlok bracelet 2
Amazon review Pavlok bracelet 3
Amazon review Pavlok bracelet 4

Users need to wear their bands – created by Behavioral Technology in Salt Lake City, Utah – throughout the day and give themselves a zap when they engage in the habit they’re trying to leave.

This means that what you have been taught to love, it conditions your mind to allied an abominable’ sense with your bad habit, according to the producer.’ On the other side, none of my many fitness trackers inspired me at all.

Get rid of your bad habits using Pavlok bracelet

So, I thought, ‘why are there so many instruments tracking what I do, but not changing what I do?’ And Pavlok was born.’ On a lighter note, the device comes with an app with short training courses to help you impingement those most common of habits, a bit of rod and carrot here it seems.

I hope u like this article. If you ever try this bracelet, tell us your experience in the comment section.

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