Man Uses 99 Phones And A Handcart To Create A “Virtual Traffic Jam” On Google Maps

Simon Weckert Uses 99 Phones And A Handcart To Create A Virtual Traffic Jam On Google Maps

According to research billions of people use Google Maps and every month more than 5 million websites and apps are using Google Maps. What do you think can be outsmarted or not? Yes, it can be a man who uses 99 phones and handcraft to create a virtual traffic jam on Google map.

Simon Weckert, a Berlin-based artist, he likes to share the knowledge about several fields from generative designing to physical computing. He has over smarted google map. What did he do?

Man Uses 99 Phones And created virtual traffic jam google maps
Source: Simon Weckert

He searched for direction on all the 99 smartphones then walked them in all a handcart down numerous foremost thoroughfares in Berlin, consisting of outside Google headquarters.

All of the 99 phones were reporting the identical area to google led the app to decide there has been a traffic gridlock in the location and replace its map instructions for this reason.

How did this happen? Google crowdsources traffic data all around the world. When we open the google map, it gets some information about our speed, at which we moving, how many phones are in that specific area. Weckert hacked this and the street light started blazing red after getting information from 99 phones.

Weckert wrote, Through this activity, it is viable to show a green street red, which has an impact inside the physical world with the aid of navigating vehicles on any other course to keep away from being stuck in visitors,”

Man Uses 99 Phones And over smart google maps
Source: Simon Weckert

He said he was interested to use the technologies that are applicable in daily life like, food, payments, etc. People who were using the map at that time, if somehow they came at that time in that area by seeing the, almost empty look of the street must be surprised. 

Weckert hasn’t shared any details after that incident, so it might be faked too. A spokesperson from Google said that it was impressed by Weckerts creativity. He said that we live to see the creative uses of Google Maps, all these creating always help us better.

Google clarified how its traffic records turned into quantified and explained how Weckert’s taking walks tempo and use of a hand-drawn wagon contributed to the success of his experiment.

Traffic records in Google Maps have refreshed continuously thanks to facts from an expansion of resources, inclusive of aggregated anonymized information from humans who’ve place offerings grew to become on and contributions from the google maps network,” the spokesperson stated.

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