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Two-sided statue of Mephistopheles and Margaretta

mephistopheles and margaretta

The most popular sculpture in the world and India is the Salar Jung Museum’s Double statue of Mephistopheles and Margaretta. This is so popular because it’s one of its kind. This is sculpted by an unknown French artist in the 19th century. The life-size sculpture is carved out from a sycamore wood single log. Above all, it has two distinct images on either side. This beautiful craftmanship is a metaphor for the forces of good and evil.

If you first saw the standing statue then it will look like a defiant smiling man in a hooded cloak. But when you look closely and saw his reflection in the mirror. Then you will see a statue of a woman standing with a prayer book in hand and lowered eyes looking at you. Those two characters are based on the most popular stories of 19th century Faust. It was a story of a very successful man named Faust. In the story, he signed a deal in his blood with devil agent name Mephistopheles. Later he seduces a girl named Margaretta. That’s how the two characters of the sculpture born.

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