After Husband’s Death From Cancer, Wife Helps 15000 People Fight the Deadly Disease!

“I am fighting a battle I didn’t choose. But how I react to the circumstances is my choice and no one can take that from me.” by Rahul Yadav

After Husband’s Death From Cancer, Wife Helps 15000 People Fight the Deadly Disease!

Most cancers are thought to be a tremendous leveler. Whether you are an Indian or a Korean or Icelander, cancer will carry death. But a big study of 26 million cancer sufferers over 15 years has proven that survival costs inside the 10 most prevalent forms of most cancers vary extremely throughout international locations. The survival rate in India is quite low for most forms of most cancers, less than half of the superior countries in many types.

Several NGOs and organizations worldwide are working to help people who are suffering from cancer. Yoddha is one such organization that helps cancer patients across India, founded by Rahul Yadav, a cancer patient who died on 13 June 2017.

After his death from cancer, his wife helps 15000 people fight the deadly disease cancer. Yoddha is a family of 15000 members, with the volunteers from Delhi University. They collect money by crowdfunding to help them financially.

Rahul was a resident of Delhi but living in Bengaluru. In 2013, all was started from a mild stomach ache, cough, and cold but Rahul did not care about it. He taught that it might be the symptoms of dengue, he went for several tests and at last got the heartbreaking news that he had Plasma cell leukemia(PCL). 

Rahul yadav with Parent who helped helped 15000 People to Fight the Deadly Disease Cancer
Rahul Yadav with parents.

Plasma cell leukemia is a rare form of aggressive cancer in which high levels of abnormal plasma cells circulating in the peripheral blood. Normal plasma cells produce antibodies in the bone marrow that fight infection.

The thing that was screaming Rahul’s family was that the survival rate of a person suffering from PCL is short. The only treatment for the deadly disease is chemotherapy and stem cell transplant.

Rashi was alone in Bengaluru with Rahul, her parents came to help her after they got the news. Rahul and his wife they both hail from families. They both were togetherly fighting with the disease, during the whole process of treatment.

He has gone through the 15 chemotherapy sessions and surgeries including removal of gallbladder and two bone marrow transplant. Rahul is a person of amiable nature he attracts people toward him with his nature and positivity, so he made several friends at the hospital.

Rahul’s wife said that he named the group  Yoddhas which means fighters. He dedicated the name to every cancer patient, who gone through a painful battle without knowing whether they will live or die.

Yoddhas NGO family helping hundreds of cancer patients

300 cancer patients become part of the organization within a couple of months. 

Despite his deteriorating health Rahul never gives up working for the group. Rahul has been invited as a speaker in several schools and colleges to inspire the students from his journey. He applied for Youth Entrepreneurship Competition 2014 and stood  2nd in the best project category.

Many people do not share about this deadly disease but Rahul motivated them to speak about it, hundreds of people listened to him and talked about there disease.

Rahul yadav died the guy who motivated people to fight cancer

After he died in 2017, Rashi was broken up but she stood up for her Yoddha family and decided to take it into the next level as Rahul’s legacy.

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